Seagrove Pottery - Pinehurst, NC

Seagrove Pottery of the Sandhills

Seagrove Pottery of the Sandhills is a pottery gallery primarily comprised of the fabulous pottery artists of Seagrove, NC. The community of Seagrove, located in Central NC, has been the home of many families who have passed on their pottery trade knowledge for generations dating back to the late 1700's.  Today, the Seagrove area is home to nearly 100 pottery artists who have migrated to Seagrove from all parts of the country to create the single largest pottery community in the country. 

Our gallery is located within minutes of the world famous Pinehurst Resort, site of the 2014 US Open Golf Championships, less than 2 miles from the historic Village of Pinehurst, NC.  As pottery enthusiasts, our dream was to bring the works of many of Seagrove's finest artists to Pinehurst where so many more people will have the opportunity to experience the talents of these fine artists without the time to travel to Seagrove.  We invite you to make your visit to Pinehurst even more memorable by bringing home a piece of North Carolina’s rich pottery tradition.

We are open Monday-Saturday from 10am-5pm and our inventory and selection of incredible pottery changes weekly.