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Raku (Contentment-Happiness)

This English translation of the Japanese word Raku signifies the special relationship between a pot and it's maker. Each piece of Raku is unique due to the nature of the process. No two pieces are alike.

Each piece is glazed by hand and rapidly fired to approximately 1900 degree F in a small kiln. After the glaze is mature, the pot is pulled from the kiln with tongs and set in sawdust to smolder. This "reduction" provides the pot with it's blackened clay body.

In 16th century Japan the making of Raku tea bowls was part of the tea ceremony. Today, however, Raku pieces are intended to be decorative rather than functiional. Enjoy your Raku pottery for what it is meant to be- "an ancient method embodied in a modern form."

Dan Triece